The information of Diethyl Methyl Toluene Diamine (CAS 68479-98-1)

68479-98-1I:This product is equal to Ethacure 100 and Lonza DETDA 80, it’s a effective chain extender for polyurethane and polyurea elastomers, particularly in reaction injection molding and spray applications.
II: It’s curing agent and antioxidant of PU and epoxy resin.
III:It also used as intermediate of organic synthesis.
IV:It can replace MOCA with shorter reaction time and less use level.

Molecular Formula C11H18N2
Molecular Weight 178.28
CAS NO.  68479-98-1
Specifications a) Appearance:Light-yellow transparent liquid

b) Purity:98%min by GC

Specific Content among 98%:

  • 3,5-diethyl toluene-2,4-diamine: 75.5-81.0%
  • 3,5-diethyl toluene-2,6-diamine: 18.0-20.0%

c) Other Alkyl amines content: 0.5~2.0%

d) Water Content: 0.1% max


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