Development Prospect of Silane Compounds

In all kinds of metal pretreatment methods, phosphating treatment is the most widely used method. In the household appliances, bicycles, motorcycles and automobiles, in order to ensure excellent durability and corrosion resistance of the coating, phosphating treatment is used as the pretreatment of the coating.

Since 1906, the United States Birmingham Thomas Watts Coslett pioneered phosphating technology, phosphating technology has been a hundred years of history. Over the past century, phosphating technology has been evolving from the zinc phosphating technology of the 1930s and the iron-based phosphating technology to the improved zinc-based phosphating technology in the 1960s and 1970s, and then to the early 1990s, Technology, and finally to 2002 iron oxide phosphating technology. With the continuous development of phosphate technology innovation, its application areas more and more widely, for the cause of anti-corrosion made outstanding contributions.

Although people have done a lot of effort, still can not fundamentally change the phosphating process. The traditional pretreatment process has high energy consumption, high content of heavy metal ions, including carcinogens, waste and other waste discharge and other defects. With the increasing voice of environmental protection and energy saving, pretreatment technology is moving in the protection of the environment, reduce costs, improve quality and ease of operation and other direction.

Silane Compounds is the latest development of pretreatment technology, it has environmental protection, energy saving, easy operation, low cost of phosphide technology irreplaceable advantages. Silane Compounds in the general industry has begun to gradually replace the iron and zinc phosphate, in the automotive industry is developing the test process. Silane Compounds is the use of OXSILAN ultra-thin organic coating to replace the traditional crystalline phosphating protective layer, the metal surface adsorption of a thin layer of phosphine-like three-dimensional network of organic coating, while the interface of the formation of Si -O-Me covalent bond (where: Me = metal) has a strong intermolecular force and will form good adhesion with the metal surface and subsequent paint coating. The successful application of Silane Compounds has revolutionized phosphating technology.

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