Electronic Chemicals

Since the significant drop in association to the semiconductor businesses in 2009, which was caused by a global-economic recession, semiconductor companies have slowly recovered. The electronics industries make use of an extensive range of sophisticated and specialty chemicals in regards to a variety of processing steps in the process of manufacturing electronic products and components. This includes in integrated circuits (IC), silicon wafers, for printed-circuit boards and packaging, manufacturing of optoelectronics and compound semiconductors along with production of the flat-panel displayed products.

Electronic chemicals and materials are well recognized high-purity chemicals like wet chemicals, photoresists, gases, solvents and acids, along with electronic materials that include laminates and wafers. These types of products which are made available in global electronic chemicals and materials markets are frequently used in the fabrication of the electronic applications.

Based on types of the products electronic chemicals and electronic-materials market, they are typically classified under 8 segments that include:
-Silicon Wafer
-PCB Laminate
-CMP Slurries
-Specialty Gases
-Low-K Dielectrics
-Wet Chemicals

The silicon wafers make up the major global markets in electronic materials and chemicals and are used widely as a base material in the process of manufacturing semiconductors. The PCB laminates are used widely to manufactur Printed Circuit Boards. The Low-K Dielectrics is one of the more recent applications in association to semiconductors along with Integrated Circuits and is expected to increase and grow in an aggressive manner in the following 5 years.


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