The information of Polyacrylamide (CAS 9003-05-8)

Polyacrylamide (CAS 9003-05-8), also called PAM,can be used in many different fields . According to its usage , the product can be divided into many kinds .

Incense making industry , PAM , is an advantage product , which can help to improve the performance of incense blank and the quality of incense . Generally , its advantage can be seen as follows : high viscosity , combustion tasteless , sufficient combustion , high hardness , high smoothness , not back to soft , convenient used , stable performance , bending resistance , strong flexibility . Especially that this model is non-toxic to the human . In addition , its viscosity is 3-10 times than products of traditional process . So it is popular used in incense making industry .

Except this , PAM can be used in many other industries . For example , Homopolymerization or Copolymerization PAM are mainly used in sewage treatment , Anionic PAM 7 series is mainly used in Bamboo stick incense , mosquito coil etc . And there are Papermaking Dispersant PAM , Cationic PAM , Nonionic PAM and Heat Resistant And Anti-Salt etc which are also widely in the chemical field .

Most of the PAM manufacturers are in China , especially for incense making PAM . And the largest consumer market is India , Thailand and other Asia countries .

Brife Introduction:

Product name Polyacrylamide (PAM)
CAS No. 9003-05-8
MW 71.0779


Chemical Properties :

Appearance White Granule Powder
Melting point >300 ℃
Solid Content(%) ≥90
Molecular Weight(million) 23-33
Degree of Hydrolysis(%) 35-45
Insoluble Matter(%) ≤0.2
Solution Time(min) 90-120
Residual Monomer(%) ≤0.05%
Effective PH Value  5-4

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