My Daughter’s Study Of The Application Of Electronic Chemicals Has Paid Off

My daughter asked if she could live at home when she graduated high school, at least for a year or so. She did offer to start chipping in on the bills, but she wanted to start off at a technical school she could afford without our help, knowing we’re scrimping to save for college for her three brothers.

We were going to pay for her college too, but we couldn’t turn down the offer. Admittedly, I was confused why she wanted to study the application of electronic chemicals.

Her brothers were very confused. Two of them even said to her face that girls don’t do technology, manufacturing, or chemistry. I was livid and ready to smack both of them. We don’t raise sexists in this house, or at least I thought not.

My husband pulled me back from doing anything in anger, but my daughter just smirked and said “I got this.”

She opened up her oldest brother’s favorite electronic razor and fixed it up like new, and then she salvaged her youngest brother’s favorite childhood toys.

I don’t know what she did or how she did it, but neither do they. At least they learned, and they’re showing respect now.

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