The information of Palladium diacetate

CAS 3375-31-3
EINECS 222-164-4
Chemical Properties
Formula C12H18O12Pd3
Formula Weight 673.46
Form Needles
Melting point ca 205° dec.
Solubility Soluble as monomer in glacial acetic acid or as trimer in benzene.

Palladium(II)acetate is a catalyst of choice for a wide variety of reactions such as vinylation, Wacker process, Buchwald-Hartwig amination, carbonylation, oxidation, rearrangement of dienes (e.g., Cope rearrangement), C-C bond formation, reductive amination, etc. Precursor to Pd(0), other Pd(II) compounds of catalytic significance, and Pd nanowires.

Security data back to the directory
[Hazard category code] R41-R36 / 37/38-R40
[Safety Instructions] S26-S39-S36 / 37/39
[WGK Germany] 2
[RTECS] AJ1900000
[F] 10-23
[TSCA] Yes
[Customs code] 28439090

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