What You Need To Know About Silane Compounds

You’ve probably already heard a lot about silicon. This chemical is used by people in various industries. But what about Silane compounds? Probably no. But if you are planning on using this compound, you have to continue reading this article and discover more about silanes, its uses, and the safety precautions that you have to remember when handling it.

What Are Silane Compounds?

Silane is a flammable gas that doesn’t have any color but possesses a nauseating smell. If you somehow try to smell this gas, you might find it similar the smell of acetic acid. One of the most important things to know about silane compounds is that they are composed of two elements and they are silicon and hydrogen.

Silane is also referred to as Silicon Hydride. There are several ways to make silane. The first one is through hydrogen chloride and magnesium silicide reaction. The second way is through treating metallurgical grade silicon with hydrogen chloride at a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius. After doing this, trichlorosilane is produced.

After producing a trichlorosilane, you need to convert it to silane and silicon tetrachloride. To make a redistribution reaction, you have to have a catalyst. The most common catalyst that people use is aluminum chloride.

What Is The Difference Of Silane From Silicon?

It is important for you to be aware of the difference of silane from silicon so you won’t end up buying or using the wrong chemical. A silane is basically a group of silicon hydrides while silicon is a nonmetallic element that you can easily find in the table of elements with 14 as its atomic number.

Uses of Silane Compounds

• Used to adhere fibers like glass and carbon to polymer matrices. If you want your glass fibers to adhere better, the silane compound can be used to coat them and stick better to a polymer matrix.

• Used to combine bio-inert layer and titanium implants.

• Used in the semiconductor industry. In fact, this industry uses 300 metric tons of silane compounds per year in the late 1990s.

• Used in supersonic combustion ramjets.

• Used as fuel for operating engines on Mars.

• Utilized in dentistry for composite filling materials in the teeth.

Safety Precautions When Using Silane Compounds

Before utilizing silane compounds in your project, you should first know the precautions to avoid unwanted accidents. Just like other chemicals and compounds, you have to be careful because there can be explosions or burns that might happen if you don’t use them properly. That’s why these tips are essential before using any compounds especially silane and  work with a qualified chemical company.

Failure to execute the proper safety precautions can lead to industrial accidents like combustion and detonation. If you noticed that there is leaked silane in the air, report it to authorities immediately and conduct the proper safety procedures.

Silane is a compound that is also used in various industries. Its components are silicon and hydrogen. You can also call it Silicon Hydride. However, before using this compound, you have to remember the safety tips in this article. Silane is very helpful when utilized properly.

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